As a Crown Entity, the XRB is subject to the accountability requirements of the Public Finance Act 1989 and the Crown Entities Act 2004.

The XRB’s primary documents of accountability are outlined below.

Medium-term strategic plan

The XRB's strategic plan outlines the XRB's strategic priorities.



Aug 2016 XRB Strategic Plan 2016–21
Aug 2016 XRB Strategic Plan Summary 2016–21
Apr 2014 XRB Strategic Plan 2014–19

Statement of Intent 

The Statement of Intent (SOI) outlines the XRB’s strategic intentions for the next five years. It is prepared no less than every three years in accordance with the requirements of the Crown Entities Act 2004, which was amended in 2013 to require the SOI to have a more strategic content. Since 2014 the XRB's SOI has included its outcome goals, strategic intentions, planned actions to give effect to those strategic intentions, and the basis on which the XRB will report its performance. It is intended to be enduring and apply for a minimum of three years.

Before 2014 the SOI was prepared annually and specified the XRB’s forecast performance for the forthcoming financial year, and the following two years. It included forecast outputs to be delivered (and the performance measures for these), and the forecast financial statements and the assumptions on which they are based. This annual performance information is now included in the Statement of Performance Expectations.

Statement of Intent 2014–19

Statement of Intent 2013–16

Statement of Intent 2012–15

Statement of Intent 2011–14

Statement of Intent - ASRB 2010–13

Statement of Performance Expectations

The Statement of Performance Expectations (SPE) outlines the XRB’s annual performance objectives. It is prepared annually in accordance with the requirements of the Crown Entities Act 2004, which was amended in 2013 to require the preparation of an SPE each year from 2014. The XRB's SPE sets out its reportable output classes, a forecast statement of service performance, and forecast financial statements for the forthcoming year and the assumptions on which they are based. It also specifies how the XRB's performance for the year will be measured and reported.

Before 2014 the XRB prepared an Output Agreement. This was an agreement between the XRB and the Minister of Commerce that specified the outputs to be delivered in the financial year. The Agreement enabled the Minister to monitor and hold the Board accountable for its performance. The SPE has replaced the Output Agreement.

Statement of Performance Expectations 2016–17

Statement of Performance Expectations 2015–16

Statement of Performance Expectations 2014–15

Output Agreement 2012–13

Output Agreement 2011–12

Annual report

The annual report is the XRB’s main ex-post accountability document. Prepared annually in accordance with the requirements of the Crown Entities Act 2004, the annual report outlines the XRB’s performance for the year compared to the SPE for that year.

The annual report includes a summary of activities for the year, consideration of the XRB’s strategic objectives and outcome goals for the period, a statement of service performance reporting on outputs delivered (including the performance measures), and financial statements prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting practice in New Zealand.

XRB Annual Report 2015–16

XRB Annual Report 2014–15

XRB Annual Report 2013–14

XRB Annual Report 2012–13

XRB Annual Report 2011–12

ASRB Annual Report 2010–11

Disclosure of Chief Executive expenses

This information is provided in response to the State Services Commissioner's (SSC) introduction of a disclosure regime for chief executive expenses, including gifts, hospitality and travel, and has been submitted to

Currently, disclosure is undertaken anually for the period 1 July - 30 June.

The State Service Commission's policy on disclosure of chief executive expenses and associated documents can be viewed on the State Services Commissioner's website.

30 June 2016 CE Expenses


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