Submissions by XRB

From time-to-time the XRB Board makes submissions to domestic and international bodies. 

Submissions made by the XRB will normally relate to the XRB Board’s financial reporting strategy function. Submissions on particular accounting or assurance standards issues are usually made by the NZASB and NZAuASB respectively.

Submissions Made By The XRB BoardDateDownload
Submission to FMA on Disclosing non-GAAP financial information Apr 2017
Submission to MoJ on ED AML/CFT Amendment Bill Jan 2017
Submission to PIOB 2017-2019 Strategy Nov 2016
Submission to NZX on Review NZX Corporate Governance Code Oct 2016
Submission to MoJ on AML/CFT Act Sep 2016
Submission to IFRSF on ED Proposed Amendments to IFRSF Constitution Sep 2016
Submission to IVSC on ED 104 Bases of Value Jun 2016
Submission to MBIE on the ED and the draft Incorporated Societies Bill Jun 2016
Submission to NZX on Review of Corporate Governance requirements within NZX Main Board Listing Rules Dec 2015
Submission to IFRSF on Request for Views: Trustees’ Review of Structure and Effectiveness: Issues for the Review Nov 2015
Submission to IPSASB on ED 56 The Applicability of IPSASs Oct 2015
Submission to IFAC on The Applicability of IPSASs to Government Business Enterprises and Other Public Sector Entities Dec 2014
Submission to IIRC on Assurance on : An Introduction to the Discussion  Nov 2014
Submission to MBIE FMC Regulations (Third ED) June 2014
Submission to Governance Review Group: Future Governance of IPSASB April 2014
Submission to IIRC: Consultation Draft of the International IR Framework July 2013
Submission to IFRS: Proposal to Establish an Accounting Standards Advisotry Forum Dec 2012
Submission to IASB and IFRS Interpretations Committee on Due Process Handbook Aug 2012
Submission to FMA's Draft Guidance Note: Effective Disclosure  May 2012
Submission to FMA on Draft Guidance Note: Disclosing non-GAAP financial information  Jun 2012
Submission to the Monitoring Group and PIOB on Public Consultation on Governance and Work Programme  Jun 2012
Submission to FMA on Consultation Paper: Request for Feedback - Guidance Note: Effective Disclosure  Feb 2012
Submission to IIRC Towards Integrated Reporting Dec 2011
Submission to FRC on Integrated Reporting  Aug 2011
Submission to IFRSF on Strategy Review  Aug 2011
ASRB Submission to IFAC on IPSASB Governance Jun 2011