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NZASB Updates 2021

NZASB Update 12/2021

Measurement webinar; Survey on the IASB’s Agenda Consultation closing soon; NZASB June NZASB meeting...

NZASB Update 11/2021

IASB Agenda Consultation, Upcoming NZASB Meeting, IFRS Interpretations Committee decisions......

NZASB Update 10/2021

IASB virtual event: Recent NZASB Meeting

NZASB Update 9/2021

Tomorrow's NZASB Meeting, IPSASB Measurement EDs out, IASB webinar and more...

NZASB Update 8/2021

COVID-19 rent concessions extended to 2022, IASB ED Lack of Exchangeability

NZASB Update 7/2021

Survey – Accounting for concessionary leases, IASB future workplan topic suggestions...

NZASB Update 6/2021

XRB virtual event, IASB disclosure requirements, upcoming NZASB Meeting...

NZASB Update 5/2021

Two for-profit amending standards issued, Upcoming XRB leases webinar next Tuesday, Tier 3 and 4 Post-implementation review — comment period closing soon!

NZASB Update 3/2021

New NZASB Chair, Recent NZASB Meeting, IASB webinars, Changing your tier...

NZASB Update 2/2021

Proposed amendment to IFRS 16 to make it easier for lessees to account for COVID-19-related rent concessions

NZASB Update 1/2021

New IASB guidance on going concern disclosures; IASB proposals for the accounting of Regulatory Assets and Regulatory Liabilities; IPSASB re-exposes proposals for lease accounting; Academic research opportunities, and more...

NZASB Updates 2020

NZASB Update 23/2020

December NZASB meeting review, IASB RFI – PIR of IFRSs 10-12, IASB PIR: IFRS 9 Financial Instruments

NZASB Update 22/2020

Upcoming NZASB Meeting, IASB DP, IASB ED, IPSASB ED...

NZASB Update 21/2020

IFRS IC Agenda decisions, November meeting, ED on borrowing costs

NZASB Update 20/2020

COVID-19: Interim financial reporting; November & October NZASB meetings

NZASB Update 19/2020

Review of the Simple Format Reporting Standards, Upcoming NZASB Meeting, Goodwill and Impairment outreach and more...

NZASB Update 18/2020

Recent NZASB Meeting, PBE Interest Rate Benchmark Reform, IASB webinar, IFASS presentation...

NZASB Update 16/2020

Recent NZASB Meeting, more on Going concern, Service Performance reporting, and Leases...

NZASB Update 14/2020

New Acting Chair, P&L Presentation Consultation, Webinar recording available...

NZASB Update 13/2020

Going Concern Consultation closing; IASB webinar

NZASB Update 12/2020

4 for-profit standards issued; 14 June NZASB meeting review; Modified audit reports

NZASB Update 11/2020

COVID-19 Rent Concessions Standard, Going Concern Disclosures, two June meetings

NZASB Update 10/2020

4 June NZASB meeting, IASB Webinars, Vacancy at XRB

NZASB Update 9/2020

An overview of Directors’ responsibilities for the adequacy of going concern related disclosures provided in a company’s financial statements

NZASB Update 8/2020

COVID-19 Response: effective dates deferred, recent NZASB Meeting...

NZASB Update 7/2020

COVID-19 information, New IASB EDs, NZASB May Meeting, IPSASB EDs

NZASB Update 6/2020

NZASB Meeting review, New Amending Standard, COVID-19 information...

NZASB Update 5/2020

Upcoming NZASB meeting, IASB Discussion Paper, COVID-19 response...

NZASB Update 4/2020

XRB's COVID-19 Response, NZASB March meeting, <IR> Framework Review

NZASB Update 3/2020

New revenue and transfer expense proposals

NZASB Update 2/2020

NZASB February meeting review, IASB General Presentation and Disclosures, More on EER...

NZASB Update 1/2020

Upcoming NZASB Meeting, new versions of standards available, IASB ED released, Service Performance Reporting guidance available and more....

NZAuASB Updates 2021

NZAuASB Update 7/2021

Recent NZAuASB meeting, Farewell to Karen & Sylvia, First-time implementation guidance, ED: Amendments to NZ AS 1...

NZAuASB Update 6/2021

Recent NZAuASB Meeting, IESBA Long Association PIR...

NZAuASB Update 5/2021

How do how users of financial statements perceive auditor independence?

NZAuASB Update 4/2021

NZAuASB releases Exposure Drafts on Quality Management

NZAuASB Update 3/2021

Find out about the new IAASB Quality Management standards and more...

NZAuASB Update 2/2021

Implications of the Public Interest Entity (PIE) definition

NZAuASB Update 1/2021

Agreed-Upon Procedures Engagements standard issued, ED: Annual improvements 2020 issued; NZAuASB February meeting...

NZAuASB Updates 2020

NZAuASB Update 18/2020

Recent NZAuASB Meeting, IAASB update on Fraud and Going Concern, new separate standard for LCEs...

NZAuASB Update 17/2020

Guidance on the use of a management’s expert, NZAuASB meeting this week, Audits of Less Complex Entities, and much more...

NZAuASB Update 16/2020

Recent NZAuASB Meeting, reminder re IESBA surveys...

NZAuASB Update 15/2020

NZAuASB upcoming meeting, Narrowing the Gap, IAASB Staff Audit Practice Alert, Automated tools and techniques in audit procedures, and more...

NZAuASB Update 14/2020

Recent NZAuASB Meeting, Latest COVID-19 Alert, Auditor Reporting PIR survey, ISA %40 (Revised), AUP webinar...

NZAuASB Update 13/2020

Updates to the Auditor's Report, Revised Interim Reports article...

NZAuASB Update 12/2020

NZAuASB July meeting, three surveys, XRB Au1 updated, Proposed new standard webinar, Review engagements,...

NZAuASB Update 11/2020

NZ SRE 2410 (Revised), Group Audits Round-table, IFAC webinars, modified audit reports

NZAuASB Update 10/2020

ISA 600 consultation - webinar, roundtables, NZAuASB June meeting, AUP consultation

NZAuASB Update

What can you expect from auditor reports in response to COVID-19?

NZAuASB Update 8/2020

More COVID-19 Information, IAASB pronouncement, proposed amendments to ISA 600, and support material for audit documentation...

NZAuASB Update 7/2020

FMA and XRB release review of key audit matters reporting

NZAuASB Update 6/2020

COVID-19 information, NZAuASB April Meeting, New NZAuASB ED, IAASB pronouncements...

NZAuASB Update 5/2020

XRB COVID-19 Update, EER Assurance Guidance consultation, EDs out for comment

NZAuASB Update 4/2020

February meeting highlights, IESBA webinars and NZ outreach on NAS and Fees, and more...

NZAuASB Update 3/2020

Come and join with us to meet the new IAASB Chair, Tom Seidenstein

NZAuASB Update 2/2020

NZAuASB Meeting, 3 IESBA EDs released, Update on the IAASB’s auditor reporting PIR...

XRB Board Updates 2020

XRB Board Update 7/2020

Targeted Review outcome released, new NZASB Board Chair appointed

XRB Update 6/2020

Webinar - COVID-19: The Implications for Financial Reporting and Audit in the Public Sector

XRB Update 5/2020

Registration details for joint INFINZ/XRB webinar 3 July

XRB Update 3/2020

How is COVID-19 affecting audit reports?

XRB Update 2/2020

COVID-19: Trust and Confidence—the actions of the XRB

NFP Updates 2021

NFP Updates 2020

Not-for-Profit Update #6

Changing your reporting tier, Review of Tier 3 &$ reporting standards...

Not-for-Profit Update #5

Review of the Tier 3 and Tier 4 Reporting Standards

Not-for-profit Update #4

Resources on the impacts of COVID-19, Going concern disclosures, FAQs for Tier 3 Not-for-Profit Entities