The Technical Reference Group (TRG) was established in 2014 to provide a forum for the New Zealand Accounting Standards Board (NZASB) to consult on technical accounting issues. 

TRG focuses on the practical application and implementation of accounting standards.

It is an informal consultative group, not a formal decision-making group.  The development, approval and promotion of accounting standards and other pronouncements remains the responsibility of the NZASB.  

The TRG meets about four times each year and has input into NZASB projects as appropriate.

TRG members

The NZASB appoints members of the TRG based on their technical knowledge and experience of entities in different sectors and different tiers of financial reporting.

The TRG members are:

  • Denise Hodgkins, National Technical Partner, Deloitte – NZASB Member and Acting TRG Chair
  • Brett Story, Associate Director, Technical, Audit New Zealand
  • Nicola Hankinson, National Technical Manager, bakertilly Staples Rodway
  • Stephen Hogg, Director, PwC
  • David Pacey, National Technical Director, Grant Thornton
  • Simon Lee, Technical Director, KPMG
  • Lara Truman, Executive Director, EY
  • Natalie Tyndall, Technical Associate, BDO